How To Handplant On A Snowboard

Looking to learn to handplant on a snowboard can be a badass trick by design or a terrible bomb if you don’t know what you are doing. Learning to handplant on a snowboard is a cool bit of trickology. A handplant is a lower level trick but still requires an advanced ability to snowboard. Doing a handplant on a snowboard is a sure way to grab some attention on the half-pipe, no doubt. Snowboarding is an amazing sport and tossing back a trick or two, like a handplant will elevate the fun factor.

How to handplant on a snowboard:

  • Half-pipe
  • Snowboard
  • Room (no posers)

How to handplant on a snowboard:

  1. Make sure you warm up a bit, stretch even. Run the pipe back and forth a few times. Get the feel of the pipe and take some air just to make sure you are on top of things. Once comfortable you can proceed to the handplant.
  2. Approach the half-pipe with minimal speed. Goal here is not to hang air above hands reach of the half-pipe. Move up the half-pipe, going straight up the wall. Pop off the tail of the snowboard to maximize the flow of the snowboard off the half-pipe.
  3. Turn your head downward, looking down but slight ahead of your self. This will cause your body to follow. Where the head goes, the body goes. While airborne, place your hand on the half-pipe (handplant).
  4. The snowboard will follow through, landing back on the half-pipe. Straighten back up and follow the flow back down the half-pipe. Give yourself props as you have just completed a handplant on a snowboard.
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