How To Hang A 46 Inch Samsung LCD TV

The high definition craze has swept the world, and you'll need to know how to hang a 46 inch Samsung LCD TV if you get one. One of the bigger name brands out there, a Samsung LCD TV is made with top-quality, albeit also with top-price. Still, if you didn't want to invest in a more economic brand, we'll show you the ropes (literally) for your new Samsung LCD TV.

Let's have the following before trying to hang a 46 inch Samsung LCD TV:

  • A durable, firm wall mount (the one that came with your TV will obviously work)
  • A pencil
  • A screw driver
  • Screws (will come with mount)
  • A leveler (if at all possible)
  • A tape measure
  • A stud-finder (optional, for ease of installation)
  • Your 46 inch Samsung LCD TV
  • A friend (or two) to help
  1. Select a mount. This should actually be done prior to anything else (as included in the list of things to have). Nonetheless, if you don't have a mount for your Samsung LCD TV, go get one at your local electronics hardware shop. Try to buy a name brand for quality, although generics sometimes work just as fine. Get one that specificially says it can hang a 46 inch Samsung LCD TV.
  2. Find a nice, suitable spot for your Samsung LCD TV. Anything directly in front of a bed is customary, and quite comfortable for winding down after a hard days work in your bed.
  3. Locate your wall studs. You didn't just think we were going to mount that 46 inch Samsung LCD TV on the sheet rock, did you? Regardless, wall studs are usually within 2 feet of each other. A stud-finder can come in use here so as to locate yours. Once you have found one, pencil mark it. Find the two closest together (or maybe one in between) to support your 46 inch Samsung LCD TV.
  4. Mount the mount. No, seriously. Have your friend hold the mount while you screw the mount into the wall studs. Drill as many screws as provided, to ensure stability. Use the leveler to ensure its balance and the tape measure to make sure that it is at the right spot on your wall.
  5. Hang your 46 inch Samsung LCD TV. This is tricky, because the cursed thing still weighs a lot (even though it is a flat-screen). Have a friend or two grab the sides of the television and hoist it up. If you have a fourth friend, have that individual guide the console onto its resting point on the mount.

It's not always easy to hang a 46 inch Samsung LCD TV. Even though Samsung Group is more than adapted to making paper-thin high definition television sets, they continue to weigh a lot. Still, we are certain that with the proper tools, planning, and friends, you will succeed in hanging that behemoth!

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