How To Hang A 50 Inch Samsung LCD TV

Knowing out how to hang a 50 inch Samsung LCD TV will help you immensely if you ever decide to get rid of your giant entertainment center and go for a more minimalist look. Hanging a 50 inch Samsung LCD TV is actually quite easy, but will take some technical know-how with tools. Hanging a TV is definitely not a single person job; find someone to help you level and lift.

Things you will need:

  • Wall Mount
  • Stud Finder
  • Screwdriver
  • Level
  • Pencil
  • Screws (most likely found with your wall mount)
  1. Find the right wall mount. Wall mounts are not brand specific; any mount fitting your specifications will hang any TV. For hanging a 50 inch Samsung LCD TV, find a wall mount that will handle that size and weight. A great place for finding a mount is Mono Price.
  2. Figure out where to mount your LCD TV. This is a very important step. You need to find an area to hang the LCD TV that is near a stud. Use the stud finder around the area you want to hang the 50 inch Samsung LCD TV to make this step easy. It is best to mark the stud locations with a pencil for later use.
  3. Setting the bracket. This wall mount bracket needs to be screwed into the wall at the supporting studs. You will need to make sure this is level, so once you screw in one part of the bracket into the stud, use the level before setting other screw of the bracket into the next stud. If this is not straight, your whole TV will be askew.
  4. Prepping the TV. The next step in hanging a 50 inch Samsung LCD TV is to mount the part that attaches to your television to the back of the TV set. This is quite simple; the mount will line up to screw holes in your television. These may be covered up, but are easily exposed with some force. Screw the mount into the back of the television.
  5. Hanging the TV. The final step is to get someone to help you lift the LCD TV to the bracket in the wall. As they hold the TV in place, screw the mount on the back of the TV into the bracket in the wall.

As always, read the instructions provided with your wall mount to avoid any confusion. They often provide pictures that help a lot more than words.

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