How To Hang Out With New Girlfriend

How to hang out with a new girlfriend is something that every guy stresses about at some point.  The initial few months of being boyfriend and girlfriend you will still be getting to know each other and feeling each other out.  Find new and interesting things to do.  This will help keep things from getting mundane and boring too early.

  1. Typically, the first few times you hang out will probably be on a date before things get more comfortable.  A traditional date would be dinner a movie.  You'll be able to talk and get to know one another over dinner, and you'll get to bond and snuggle a bit during the movie while experiencing something new together. 
  2. Relationships can take a toll financially when people try and go out and do fun things in the beginning of a relationship.  Finding fun and free things to do, or low cost things, keep financial stress woes down and make the relationship less taxing.  Going for a walk in the park is a fun thing to do.  You'll be able to talk and get to know one another without spending money.  Renting a movie from a Redbox DVD player only costs $1.  You can watch the movie at your home or hers and cook dinner or pop popcorn. 
  3. Cooking dinner for your new girlfriend is seen as romantic and is a very popular gesture among most women.  It also saves money.  You can cook a nice pasta or chicken dinner for two without spending much money at all.  Lighting a few candles and putting on some soft music will help with the ambiance and mood of the evening. 
  4. Adding fun and new things every so often will help keep the flare in the relationship.  Talk to your girlfriend about going Dutch occasionally, or even letting her plan the entire date.  Talk to your girlfriend, ask questions and listen to what she has to say.  Looking her in the eyes when you are talking will show her that you are listening and you are interested.  Holding hands will show you like her and that you are enjoying your time together.  Above all else, remain relaxed and enjoy the moment.  The early stages of a relationship is often the favorite part and carry the best memories. 
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