How To Hang A Punching Bag

Learning to hang a punching bag can make it easier to use your punching bag in a multiple locations. Having the ability to move and hang your punching bag in multiple locations can be a nice excuse to go out and purchase another one. Hanging a punching bag is easy to do with a little patience and a couple of tools. If you’re ready to learn how to hang a punching bag, than take a look at the following list of items that you’ll need.

To hang a punching bag, you’ll need the following items:

  • Open over-sized screw eye
  • Electric drill
  • Super glue
  • Punching bag w/ attachment
  • Pliers
  1. Install your screw eye. The first step to hanging your punching bag is to choose your location and pre-drill into the ceiling. Don’t drill into a hallow ceiling that won’t adequately hold the weight of your punching bag. Thoroughly check your location for any wires or objects that you may potentially hit when drilling into your ceiling. After double-checking all of these items, pre-drill into your ceiling. Next, take your over-sized screw eye and screw it into your location. Make sure that your screw eye is big enough to house your punching bag attachment and the eye is open. You can dab some super glue on the rivets of your screw eye to add strength to your attachment.
  2. Hang your punching bag. Before attempting to hang your punching bag, give your screw eye adequate time to set-up. After you’ve done this, run your chain or rope that’s attached to your punching bag through your screw eye.  Use your pliers to close your screw eye with the attachment running through the eye of the screw eye.

If you want to install your punching bag on the side of a wall instead of your ceiling, it’s fairly easy to do. Take a small piece of wood and install it to the side of your wall. Make sure that it sticks out far enough so you won’t accidentally knock your punching bag into the wall. After you’ve done this, simply follow the above steps using the bottom of this wooden board as your ceiling. Make sure that your screw eye is heavy enough to hold your punching bag.

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