How To Hang Skateboard On Wall

Knowing how to hang a skateboard on a wall, you can create a shelf in your room that is healthy for the environment. Whether a skateboarder chooses to skate the street or a vert ramp, the skateboard takes a beating. When it is time for a new deck, recycle the old one into home decor to help the environment while showing your passion for the sport.

To hang a skateboard on a wall, you will need:

  • Skateboard
  • 2 L-brackets

  • Pencil

  • Screws

  • Hardware

  • Drill

  1. Hold the skateboard–with the wheels facing down– up to the wall where you want to place the shelf. Place the L-brackets underneath the skateboard in between the two trucks, with one L-bracket butting up against each truck. The trucks are the silver hardware that the wheels are attached to.

  2. Mark the spots for the screws in the L-brackets with a pencil. Remove the skateboard and L-brackets from the wall.

  3. Line up the first L-bracket with the pencil marks. Position the bracket so the longer side of the bracket is pointing toward the floor. Use the drill and screws to adhere the bracket to the wall. The short side of the bracket will be sticking straight out from the wall. Repeat with the second L-bracket.

  4. Place the skateboard on top of the brackets. Secure the short side of the bracket to the bottom of the skateboard with the bolts or screws that came with the brackets. After you hang a skateboard on a wall, decorate the shelf with books, toys, CD's or computer speakers.

Paint the skateboard or cover with stickers before hanging it on the wall. Hang two of the shelves on each side of the bed as makeshift night tables. Adhere to the weight limit of the brackets when decorating the skateboard shelf to avoid collapse or broken items.

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