How Has Nike Impacted Society?

How has Nike impacted society? Whether you believe that it has been positive or negative, Nike impacted society in a major way.

  1. Times before Nike. In the pre-Nike era, the shoe company that was supreme was Adidas. Many celebrities such as rap stars Run-DMC were wearing Adidas in music videos. Adidas had the sport world under its control, from basketball to soccer. But out of nowhere came a company called Nike.
  2. Just do it! Those three words which are Nike's slogan have affected society tremendously by being widely. When you hear "Just do it", you automatically think of the Nike brand.
  3. Michael Jordan has single-handedly made Nike what is it today. Nike has product shoes called Air Jordans that come out every year. These shoes are price between $150.00 to $199.00. This is the negative impact Nike has on society. There have been stories of people getting robbed for these high price shoes. From Nike and Michael Jordan's standpoint, it's great because they make a huge profit.
  4. Nike and Sweatshops. For a while, it was widely alleged that Nike used overseas cheap labor to make their most famous Air Jordan Nike shoes. This has caused a negative impact on society in so many ways. First, it take jobs overseas that could be in America.  Next it is morally unethical to sell a shoes for $150.00 when you paid the person who made the shoes only fifty cents.

To sum up: has Nike impacted society? Yes in both positive and negative ways.

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