How To Have An Active Sex Life

To know how to have an active sex life, there are a few simple lifestyle tips to keep in mind. Keeping occupied in the bedroom typically means keeping occupied in a few other places, including the gym. But if you want to have most evenings filled and fulfilled, it just takes a little bit of effort before women are finding themselves between your sheets.

  1. Stay in good shape. To have an active sex life, you’ve got to be in good physical condition. Being in good shape will make you more attractive to women, for one thing, attracting them to you in the first place. In addition, being fit will help you with your stamina, so that once you get a girl into the sack, you’ll be able to please her over and over and over.
  2. Be charming. Part of having an active sex life is actually meeting women to take home with you, and to do this, you have to be charming, funny and debonair. A woman likes a man who is funny and who has himself put together; they do not like to go to bed with men who are not appealing and not good prospects. Passing yourself off as witty and fun to be with will put women at ease and make them want to be with you…in all possible ways.
  3. Become the hunter. Just sitting at home, hanging out with the guys, or simply placing an ad on an online dating site is not going to help your prospects for having an active sex life. You’ve got to go to where women are and where they are looking for men to go to bed with. The Saturday afternoon matinee at the cineplex is probably not the best location nor is the subway. To have an active sex life, go out to clubs where women are dressed for the meat market and waiting to be picked up. You can also try going to sex clubs or other places where promiscuous women may be hanging out.
  4. Learn to be an oral expert. Just as much as you like getting oral sex, so do women. And just like you would go back again and again to a girl who gives awesome blowjobs, so will women keep sleeping with men with great oral skills. To have an active sex life, get very good at oral sex and perform your skill willingly and with enthusiasm. You’ll find that your partner responds very enthusiastically. This will ensure your sex life with her continues.
  5. Be creative in bed. To have an active sex life you have to be a good lover once you have a woman in the sack. If you disappoint her, she’s not likely to come back, making the situation a one-and-done. Keep things fresh and innovative, trying out new positions, kink and anything else you think she might like. Keep her satisfied with great love making, and she’ll be back.
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