How To Have Anal Oral Sex

So you want to learn how to have anal oral sex do you? It's good to know that no topic is too risque for you. Good anal oral sex, just like vaginal oral sex, starts with knowing what your partner likes. Once you take the time out to find out what she likes, it's all a matter of developing interchangeable techniques to getting down in the booty. In order for the anal oral sex to be good, it's up to you to be creative in applying your knowledge of what she likes as well as the techniques you've developed to get her hot. If you're not a freak, don't read any further. For those of you still reading, let's get to the anal oral sex.

  1. Before you get started. Good sex of any kind starts with a good atmosphere. Since you'll be gravitating towards her booty, make sure she washes up. Nothings worse than catching a foul smell when you're trying to get down. Most women would want to wash up first anyway, but if you're unlucky enough to be serving anal oral sex to a young lady that thinks that she automatically smells like roses, get her to hit the tub.
  2. Getting her hot. Teasing her. You never go straight for the prize. You want to build up her anticipation. The great news about being a tease is that there are a million erogenous areas near the booty for you to go. Start out by kissing and licking the small of her back. Draw lines with your tongue. You'll know she likes it when she moans and begins to squirm. Let your hands get involved too. Squeeze her butt. Rotate a massage over the entire booty region. Bite and kiss everything. Lick her, then let her feel your hot breath. Mix it up. Lick the small area between her vagina and her butt hole, but don't give her what she wants right away. The object of the game is to have here begging for you to give her anal oral sex.
  3. Your tongue and fingers. Your tongue is your main weapon buddy. But, it's in no way the only tool you have at your disposal. Make sure your fingers do some walking too. It's all about exploration. You could even use your fingers to stimulate her clitoris and vagina while you service her booty. (Don't, however, use those same fingers on her anus then bring them back to her vagina. She'll run the risk of getting a yeast infection). Remember, it's all about being creative. It's all about doing things to her she's never had before. If she has had them, it's about topping her previous experiences. Listen to her cues so you know how to respond. Sex is just so damn enjoyable, isn't it?
  4. Finally, the booty. The anus is full of super sensitive nerve endings. Lots of women even claim to be able to climax from the correct combination of anal stimulation. It's up to you to find that combination. Well, get in there. Kiss it. Lick it. Listen for her moans to let you know you're playing the right way. You know how you flick the clit with the tip of your tongue? Well, try that with her booty hole during anal oral sex. If you're brave enough, slide it inside her. Remember, it's all about what she likes. Don't let your finger go idle. Get them involved, too. Get your rhythm going. Once she gets in to it, don't stop till she tells you to, which may not be right away if you're doing it right. As long as you're willing to experiment and explore her body, while paying attention to what she likes, you'll be fine.
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