How To Have Baby After Vasectomy

Trying to find out how to have baby after vasectomy proceedings is the ultimate buyer’s remorse. Adding insult to injury, there are plenty of folks who suggest that it is impossible. Nothing could be further from the truth!

As you set out to find help with how to have baby after vasectomy surgery, gather together a few facts:

  • Original surgery documents
  • Lab reports from the last physical
  • Documentation related to any health problems you had since the procedure

Once all these facts are available, there are a few steps to take that determine a possible course of action.

  1. Make a doctor’s appointment to talk about a vasectomy reversal. Discuss the desire to learn how to have baby after vasectomy surgery with a professional who specializes in the field. After an evaluation of the medical records, he will advise you about the possibility of a successful procedure reversal.
  2. Undergo sperm aspiration. In this case an infertility specialist relies on microsurgical techniques to remove sperm directly from the testes.  The sperm may then be placed directly in the partner’s cervix or uterus. Another option is to use the sperm for in vitro fertilization. It is a popular method for couples wanting to find out how to have baby after vasectomy without actually undoing the successful surgery.
  3. Purchase donor sperm. If it makes little difference whether the child is biologically yours, consider using a sperm donor for artificial insemination of your partner.

Of course, another method that allows you to add a child to the home is adoption. In many cases there are babies ready to be adopted out who are just waiting for a suitable couple to take them in. If you are willing to go this route–or at least investigate it in your quest to find out how to have baby after vasectomy surgery proves successful–find a reputable adoption agency that can offer advice and assistance as needed.

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