How To Have Better Mature Couple Sex

Sex doesn't have to leave the picture once you're older, you just need to learn how to have better mature couple sex. While your physical attributes have certainly changed over time, you have also gained a lifetime of sexual experience that you can put to good use with your wife. You might need to make some adjustments to the way you have sex, and the frequency might go down, but you can still have a very healthy and happy sex life in your older years.

  1. Accept the physical limitations. You might not be able to twist your wife around like a pretzel, but you certainly have plenty of positions still available to you outside of the extreme ones. Experiment with new positions, or ones that you haven't tried for years. Just mixing up the positions can allow you to have a nice boost to your sexual relationship.
  2. Address any sexual health problems. Erectile dysfunction and impotence are realities that many men face as they get older. You don't want to just stop having sex, as that's going to damage your relationship as well as your self-confidence. Talk to your doctor about dealing with any health issues that may come up. Especially talk to him at the onset of the ED issues because they can be indicative of much more serious medical problems.
  3. Use toys when the spirit is willing but the flesh is not. If you want to get some extra help in the bedroom, bring in sex toys. Then you don't have to worry about ejaculating early, not getting hard or anything else. You can just give it to her with vibrators, dildos, or some even kinkier things. Plus, you can give the adult store owners great visual images of grandma and grandpa using the giant rubber fist dildo.
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