How To Have Clean Soles And Remove Dark Patches

You don’t have to worry about hiding your unsightly feet from the eyes of others if you learn how to have clean soles and remove dark patches. Cleaning the soles of your feet and removing dark patches is an easy task when you have the right tools and know how.

To have clean soles and remove dark patches from feet, you will need

  • Soap
  • Water
  • Pumice Stone
  • Salt
  • Container big enough to soak feet
  1. Wash feet in soap and water. Your feet should first be clean when you start this process. By washing your feet you will loosen up the skin making it softer and easier to work with.
  2. Soaking your feet. In the container you will add warm water and ¼ cup of salt. Make sure you evenly mix this mixture to be most beneficial.  This will also help if your feet are dry, leave to soak twenty minutes or until the water cools.
  3. Dry Feet. Make sure your feet are fully dry before moving onto the next step. If your feet seem to me “water logged” wait till your feet have dried out, kick back and relax do not do much walking as you want to keep your feet remaining soft for the next step.
  4. Pumice stone. Using the pumice stone you will lightly rub it over the dark patches of your feet. If the dark patches do not seem to get lighter you will not want to keep rubbing as all you will be doing is grinding down the healthy layers of your skin. At this point if the dark patches still cannot be removed you will want to check with a medical care provider to see if there is an underlying cause to your dark patches.
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