How To Have Confident Body Language

Need to know how to have confident body language? You can tell a lot about a man just by observing his body language; having confident body language causes a man to be seen in a positive way and shows that he is comfortable in his own skin. If you are the opposite and do not believe your body language is working for you, have a peek at these tips to help you develop your swagger.

  1. Walk with your head high. The first step to having confident body language is keeping your head high. Don't keep it so high that it seems you are looking at the clouds, but rather straight ahead. Those who lack confidence tend to walk with their heads down and fear that others might be looking at them. Surprisingly, it is the opposite, as most people are focused on themselves rather than strangers. If you need practicing, that is OK, as confident body language does not happen overnight.
  2. Walk as if you are the man. Some people find comfort in keeping their hands in their pockets or their arms crossed, and if you are that person, try to walk with both arms by your side, as if you were a male model on the runway. It will appear as if you are strong and know exactly what you want and where you are going.
  3. Look at others. When passing by strangers or coworkers or when being introduced by someone in any social setting, give direct eye contact by glancing at the other person; do not stare, but look firmly for a few seconds. This shows you are secure and not fearing others by avoiding eye contact.
  4. Relax and walk slowly. When you feel at ease and comfortable, it shows through your body language. In addition, if you walk too fast, it may come across that you are trying to get away from others, and that shows fear instead of confidence. If you find yourself getting nervous or walking faster than your feet can handle, stop and take a couple minutes by resting yourself to calm down. When you feel at ease, then continue going about your business.
  5. Sit up straight. Imagine you are at a job interview; one of the important things interviewers observe is your posture. Instead sitting slouchy, sit with your back straightened, head up and take notice of your surroundings by looking around, as this shows you are alert and take notice of others.
  6. Improve your hand gestures. Aside from walking, a confident body language is exuded by the way you use your hands. When talking to others, do not touch your face, scratch your head or do other distracting things like twiddling your thumbs that take away the conversation you are having with people. You can use your hand gestures calmly and effectively to express your opinion without swinging them around.
  7. Observe other people's body language. The best way to develop confident body language is observing other's posture. Always remember to smile and feel content on the inside, and eventually there will be improvements on the outside.
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