How To Have Crazy Ambien Sex

Learning how to have crazy Ambien sex can be quite an experience. This odd little sleep aid has been touted as one of the premier sex enhancers. Of course, while it is never wise or acceptable to abuse or intentionally overdose on a drug, it is possible and pleasurable to have sex while under the influence of Ambien.

  1. Set a comfortable and non threatening setting. The reason people report having crazy sex when they take Ambien is that they feel drugged and have a slightly euphoric type of feeling. Unfortunately, some people have reported loss of motor functions and hallucinations while they are under the influence of this drug. To make sure that you are one hundred percent safe, only prepare to have crazy Ambien sex when you are in a safe and comfortable environment. Remove anything that can cause harms.
  2. Get a willing partner. This is an experience you want to engage in only if you are with a committed and willing partner. Be sure the two of you talk about all the potential hazards before you engage in sex while under the influence of Ambien.
  3. Take the prescribed amount of Ambien. There is no reason to overdose or take an excessive amount of Ambien to have crazy sex. People have reported having amazing sexual experiences with very little in the way of dosage. To ensure your absolute safety only take the recommended amount.
  4. Fight off the urge to sleep. You are going to have to amuse yourself while the effects of Ambien begin to take place. Ambien is a sleep aid, so you are going to want to fall asleep. To avoid this you will need to distract yourselves. You can do this by either playing some type of game or engaging in some very erotic and sensual foreplay.
  5. Go at it like a couple of monkeys. The rest of the experience you will kind of have to wing. As the Ambien takes effect, you will begin to feel like you are drugged and out of it. Now is the time to strike. Begin having crazy sex with your partner as you experience this strange sex enhancer. 
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