How To Have Crazy Home Sex

Want to know how to have crazy home sex? This is fun and very creative. Your partner will love the excitement of having fun, comfortable, wild sex at home. Crazy home sex is great, as well, because you can feel free to be yourself and let loose. There are many ways to have crazy home sex.

  1. Wrestling with your partner can really get the juices flowing. Starting with all your clothes on, start tickling your partner and then work towards full blown wrestling on the floor or on the couch. Eventually, clothes will come off and you will be having some of the most exciting sex you have ever had.
  2. Something is cooking. If you are cooking dinner or lunch, it can be a pleasant surprise if your partner gets frisky. Sometimes, this can lead to feeding each other and wiping delicious cream on each other. Then, the fun part is removing the food from your partner with your mouth. This is sure to turn up the heat. Lifting your partner and putting them on the cabinet can be very sexy and convenient to intercourse later on.
  3. Against the wall and loving it. Get a little aggressive and push your partner against the wall while kissing them. Sex standing up can be very exciting as long as you can stand up long enough. Also,  try to have sex on a desk, table or any surface you can comfortably accommodate your body.
  4. What about bondage? What is crazier than tieing up your partner and enjoying their body? There are various ways to enjoy bondage and dominating your partner. You can tie them with no use of their hands or you can allow them limited freedom. What you and your partner prefer is what is important.

Along with these, there are many other ways to have crazy home sex. Experiment with role playing and freaky sexual activities to find out what your favorite crazy form of home sex would be.

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