How To Have Crazy Wild Sex

To know how to have crazy wild sex you need to be ambitious, creative, and uninhibited. There are a few simple steps you can follow to put you on this path, but ultimately a lot of it will depend on your personality.  Once you do have a night of great lovemaking, however, you and your partner will want to revisit it again and again.

  1. Get the right girl. No matter how uninhibited and insatiable you are, if you’re with a dull girl who is not very adventurous, it is unlikely you will have wild and crazy sex. If you have a girlfriend, however, who seems like she’s a little bit on the naughty side, is really into you, and will do anything for you, or has a history of being promiscuous, your chances of a crazy night increase considerably. It takes two to tango, as they say, and this will hold true for you night of crazy bed-rocking.
  2. Get her ready.  Getting your girl in the right mood is important if you want to have wild and crazy sex.  If you act like a jerk all day or start a fight in the evening, the likelihood that she’s going to be amorous to you goes down considerably (with her not going down at all).  Send her some naughty text messages during the day and maybe take her out for a nice dinner.  This extended foreplay will get her ready to get a little nuts in bed.
  3. Be uninhibited.  To have wild and crazy sex you can’t have many hang-ups or inhibitions. You’ve got to check whatever reservations you might have at the door and just be ready for anything.  Does she want to use a vibrator on you?  Maybe engage in some water sports?  There are limits you can establish, of course, but to have a truly crazy night you should be willing to just let go and try anything without any hesitation.
  4. Pick the right environment.  Some places are better than others to have wild and crazy sex. Obviously a comfortable bed in a bedroom with ideal temperature and music and candles is nice.  But to get really crazy maybe you want to try something a little unconventional.  Revisit high school days and do it in the back of a car.  Maybe be a little dangerous and have sex in a public place, like a nightclub or a restroom. Finding the right spot can really contribute to having a great experience.
  5. Role play.  To have wild and crazy sex sometimes you have to change things up a bit with some role play.  Perhaps you can be the angry police offer and she’s the disrespectful speeder.  Maybe she’s the naughty nurse and you’re the patient who has been tied down to his bed.  Whatever the scenario, try something a little out of the ordinary and see how much you both like it.
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