How To Have Cyber Sex Conversations

Learn how to have cyber sex conversations if you're engaged in a long distance relationship. Cyber sex can often be an incredibly fun and satisfying way to masturbate and orgasm without thinking of your own fantasy all on your own. However, it isn't always easy to find a good cyber sex partner that you can get off and, in return, get her off as well. This will increase pleasure for everyone all around and might get you a regular cyber sex partner that you're guaranteed to get off with.

  1. Set up the scene. Tell your partner that you are wearing either a sexy outfit, or nothing at all, and that you are incredibly turned on and ready to go, even if you aren't. Cyber sex is not about what you are actually doing, it is about what you would love to be doing (and wearing) at the time. This improves the fantasy for everyone. It's not much of a turn on to hear the truth, that you're sitting at your home computer wearing your ancient college t-shirt, baggy sweats, and watching re-runs of bad tv shows.
  2. Get to know your partner. The point of cyber sex is not to form a deep and meaningful relationship, but it can help make everything more relaxed and comfortable if you and your partner know a little more about each other. Even just breaking the ice with a joke will increase attraction and probably help your partner loosen up.
  3. Specify each step. Don't jump into cyber sex with "Now I'm in you and going at it." That's not sexy for anyone, and it certainly would get you nowhere if you were hooking up in person. Start slow, with kisses on the neck or running your hands up and down their body. Imagine what it takes for you to get warmed up, and type it out.
  4. Use real life props. Once you've set up the scene, you have probably told each other what you're wearing and where you are (bed, chair, restaurant bathroom, airplane, etc.). Use these props to your advantage. For example, if your female partner has told you that she is wearing a bra and panties in the kitchen, tell her that you are unhooking her bra or you are hoisting her onto the kitchen table.
  5. Don't be rude. If you are looking for a more intense cyber session, or if you are interested in role playing or domination, make sure you discuss this with your partner ahead of time. Do not all of a sudden surprise your partner with a "now you're whipping me", that might not be something they are into and will also take away from the real-life aspect of the cyber sex.
  6. Make it mutual. If you happen to get over excited and climax before the cyber sex conversation is actually over, return the favor. If your partner has taken the time and energy to get you hot, she is probably just as ready to go and ready to see what you have for her.

Before you start your cyber session, it might be a good idea to get a keyboard splash guard and keep a box of tissues nearby. Just in case there is an accident or over spray, you don't want that to ruin your entire computer.

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