How To Have Discreet Sex Dates

Whether you're having an affair or just like to have privacy in regards to your personal sexcapades, knowing how to have discreet sex dates requires a certain amount of skill these days. While it's easy to meet people online through a number of different websites, it is also just as easy to find out personal information about someone, like how much money they make, where they live and, in particular, if they enjoy going on discreet sex dates. Pardon the pun, but discretion goes both ways in our technological age. In order to protect your privacy from those you are having the discreet sex dates with, as well as those who are interested in invading your personal privacy, a number of different things can be done.

  1. Use fake names and give fake information. For all correspondence with those you are having discreet sex with, make sure you don't give your real full name. Don't tell them where you work, what you really do, where you really live or a large amount of personal history. This doesn't necessarily mean you have to create an entirely new identity, but not telling your random sex partners the whole truth about yourself will protect you in the long run, especially if a jilted ex-fling decides to tell everyone at your job or in your family about the affair you had together. If you're a politician or a celebrity, read the last line again and commit it to memory. This strategy should be employed both in person on these sex dates and online, when advertising yourself to an online community.
  2. Search for dates online. A number of different websites will allow you to set up a profile and protect your personal information, unless law enforcement makes them reveal it. With these website's policies on the personal discretion of it's clients, this means only post and publish things about yourself which are not true or are incredibly vague.
  3. Always pay in cash. This will keep there from being any type of credit car record paper trail for someone who is snooping through your personal life from discovering evidence about your discreet sex life. If you have to pay for certain things via credit card, like sex dating websites, open a new credit card account and have the bills only delivered to a new email address or have paper bills delivered to a separate address or P.O. box which most people don't know exist.
  4. Get a second cell phone. Much like a credit card which is solely meant for your discreet sex dates, a second cellular phone keeps any of these dates from calling into your other life and revealing themselves. This will also keep their numbers from ending up on a cellular phone bill which a spouse could easily discover.


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