How To Have An Elegant Date With A Cougar

You've met a smoking hot, older woman and now you want to know how to have an elegant date with a cougar. If you're up for the challenge, you can impress your cougar and keep the kitty coming back for more. After all, that's what cougars love—fun, sex and good times. Roll that up into an attractive package and your cat is sure to meow!

  1. Get to know her style. If you want to have an elegant date with a cougar, get to know her style. Not every cougar is after diamonds and caviar. Because they are older women with more life experience, however, they do have higher expectations. Find out your cougar's individual style by talking to her and asking questions about what she likes to do. When you are planning an elegant date with a cougar, you want everything to go right!
  2. Pick the right place. The next step when you want to have an elegant date with a cougar is to pick the right place. Maybe she's an earthy girl who prefers blue jeans and Mexican food to black tie affairs. Because you took the time to understand your cougar's style, you can easily pick the right place to have your elegant date. Remember that elegance is a state of mind! Your cougar may be turned on by a casual evening sipping hot tea at an outdoor cafe whereas another cougar may want to visit the theater. When you choose activities your cougar enjoys, you'll have a higher success rate.
  3. Take her for several activities. Having an elegant date with a cougar should involve several activities. Because cougars are experienced, they typically enjoy more stimulation. For a daytime date, you could grab a bite to eat for brunch for starters. Then, take her boating, to an event, museum or movie. You can end with coffee and hopefully an evening in-at her place. An evening date would include dinner. After eating, you can take her dancing, to a live music venue or to a play. By the time midnight rolls around, hopefully your are in her arms for the rest of the night!
  4. Be Yourself. The best way to have an elegant date with a cougar is to be yourself. You can make the most fabulous plans ever, but if you aren't right, that hot cougar won't stick around for seconds. Be who you are. Cougars appreciate honesty and aren't in it for head games. She will enjoy playing with you and want you to be her baby, so man up. Tell it to her straight and let your personality shine.
  5. Enjoy. You've asked your cougar out, had an elegant date and now you're reaping the benefits of your hard work. Enjoy the time spent with your cougar. Repeat what you did before, and you're sure to have many more elegant dates . Now that you know how to do it, you can meet more cougars and have fun being a cub!
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