How To Have An Erection

If you are wondering how to have an erection, it may be time to see the doctor. Generally speaking, the below the belt dictator should always be able to do his thing without much goading or help. Medical reasons that cause impotence should be diagnosed sooner than later. If the problem is your mind, you will have to learn how to let go and be free.

To have an erection, you will need:

  • A penis
  • Good health
  • Clear mind
  1. Good health is important. To have an erection, your body needs to be healthy or young. Young men are perpetual boners but after mileage, gravity and age catch up with you, good health becomes incredibly important. Being well rested, exercising and maintaining healthy habits will keep you hard and happy. Good circulation comes from an active lifestyle and is important for both your heart and penis. Some medications like antidepressants can soften your love life. Talking to your doctor can help you find the right balance between the medication you need and a healthy sex life.
  2. Good diet. Another important facet is your diet. Protein, carbohydrates, fresh fruits and vegetables will help you in all aspects of health including the stamina needed to have an erection. Eating like a twelve year old at 7-11 is not going to help anything. You are what you eat so if you eat processed, fake crap…
  3. Stress management. Many real world problems worm their way into our consciousness and fester there. These concerns should be left behind when you get ready to bang but sometimes your brain is stuck in overdrive. You must learn to give yourself a break and let your penis have some fun. This can be challenging but it is vital to your happiness to block out the stress and take breaks from reality. Tell yourself you will take care of the problem later but right now it is time to take a break, screw and enjoy the pleasures of flesh. Learning to meditate is a perfect way to achieve this.
  4. Mirror mirror. Another mental problem that stops men from getting an erection is when they have a low opinion of themselves. Maybe it is true you are an ass, a jerk and ugly to boot but when it comes time for screwing, you must become an emperor. Let your fantasies and perversions guide you out of your lowly funk and enjoy the age old act of copulation for pleasure.
  5. Bored. Being with the same woman for years is a great thing but sometimes you need some extra stimulation to have an erection. Communicate with your partner and try new things. Think of pornography as a tool and enjoy it together. Some men need extra stimulation and looking at a little porn before you bone your woman is not cheating. It is coming to the party prepared.
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