How To Have Erotic Sexting Conversations

In order to keep things hot between you and your significant other, you need to know how to have erotic sexting conversations. This works especially well if the two of you are going to be away from each other for an extended amount of time. In the absence of face to face time, you can have erotic sexting conversations.

You will need:

  • A phone with texting capability
  • Someone you can sext with
  1. Send the first text. If you are planning to have erotic sexting conversations, you are going to want the content to head in that direction. However, you may not want to come right out with it. Start out with something simple. It can always turn into something else as you go along.
  2. Text something suggestive. When having erotic sexting conversations, you want to get things going with a line that will let her know what you are thinking about. Things like, “What are you doing?” “What are you wearing?” and “What are you thinking about?” are classic lines to start with. You can also start out with something that seems simple, like “I miss you. Want to guess how much?”
  3. Wait for a response. You want to make sure she knows you are looking for erotic sexting conversations. If the response isn't something erotic or at least suggestive, you may have to send something more obvious. Again, wait for a response and see what she says.
  4. Keep up the pace. When you are having erotic sexting conversations, there is nothing worse than sending a question that you want to have answered and then having to wait for an extended amount of time. The entire erotic sexting session can lose some of its allure. Do your best to respond as quickly as possible.
  5. Keep things new and different. You don't want to have the same erotic sexting conversations over and over again. Try to think of new things, new scenarios and new ideas that you can include.

If you have the knowledge of how to have erotic sexting conversations, you can open up a whole new world of communication.

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