How To Have Foreplay Before Sex

Learn how to have foreplay before sex, because often times enjoying the foreplay is more important than the actual sex. If you do this part right, you can please your partner for hours. It will also make the sex better since you will both be really worked up and ready to go before you start. Foreplay before sex is the perfect way to get to know each other's bodies better.

  1. Take each other's clothes off. This part of learning how to have foreplay before sex is very important. You do not want to skip it. There is something really sexy about having a man unbutton a woman's jeans then unzip them for her. Imagine pulling them down slowly watching her panties start to show.
  2. Spend extra time kissing. Enjoy each other's bodies and make out for awhile. Take some extra time to kiss her neck. Even take some time to cuddle up next to each other. In foreplay before sex, you do not want to skip kissing each part of her body. Kiss her nipples, down her stomach, and every part of her body. Use your tongue along the way for some extra pleasure.
  3. Explore her body with your hands. Touch her breasts and make sure that you finger her. Slide your hands over her clitoris and play with it a bit. When you learn how to have foreplay before sex, you don't want to leave out any part of her body at all.
  4. Talk dirty to her. Explain to her what you are doing and what you plan to do next. Let her imagine in her mind where your hands and mouth are going to end up on her body in the next few minutes.



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