How To Have Good Early Morning Sex

Some of the best sex occurs when you know how to have good early morning sex. When having early morning sex, the mind is free and clear of clutter and daily demands or other distractions. Good early morning sex happens before the kids are awake, before the alarm goes off, and before the coffee pot perks.

  1. Preparation. Good early morning sex isn’t planned. It is the spur of the moment arousal and action that help make it good early morning sex. Some easy preparations are to have a bottle of mouthwash and cup in a bedside table. Nothing can kill the mood more than nasty morning breath.
  2. Contraception. Another preparation but important enough to have its own step. Have contraception handy for good spur of the moment early morning sex. Keep contraception in the bedside table for easy access for an early morning sex romp.
  3. Keep Your Door Locked. If you have kids and don’t lock your door when going to bed, be sure to lock it before you get into the swing of things. Nothing can kill the mood of good early morning sex than an intrusion of kids.
  4. Erotic Desire. Although most men wake up raring to go in the mornings to have good morning sex, you must have an erotic desire. Just because your penis is raring to go to have good morning sex your mind must have the erotic desire mindset.
  5. A Partner. More specifically, you need a willing partner. A willing partner for good morning sex is a must. Many times one partner will be ready to go and the other has more sleep on the mind. Not everyone is into morning sex but maybe if it was mind blowing good morning sex they may change their mind. 
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