How To Have Good Hard Sex

Every now and then, a couple will be interested in how to have good hard sex. While in fact a consistent sexual relationship with a partner is a good thing, and healthy for the relationship; having variances in the type of sex is something that can take it to an entirely different level. Adding in a good hard sex session here and there will help increase the passion between partners, as well as add an element of surprise. This article outlines some basics in having a nice and rough sex session to help heat up that fire.

  1. Get a little rougher than normal. In looking to venture into having good hard sex, one important aspect is changing the mannerisms of the sex itself. These mannerisms mainly revolve around the style in which the sex is portrayed with variances in speed and overall roughness. Obviously, it is not necessary to transition from traditional sex or making love to full on on biting and blood draw; however, getting a little more primal and gently pulling hair or spanking can really heighten the moment and take the sex to a new level.
  2. Talk dirty. During intercourse, try talking dirty to your partner. Whether it is simply saying something naughty that comes to mind, or verbally expressing the passion you are experiencing, communicating in these ways during intercourse will allow each partner to feed off the other's excitement and how into the moment they appear to be.
  3. Try some different positions. One important aspect of learning how to have good hard sex is to switch up the positions. This is particularly important for couples who tend to use the same few positions on a regular basis; switching things up a bit can result in different angles and points being hit within the vagina. These new sensations will result in a heightened intensity that both partners will feed off of and freshen up the concept of sex in general to a new and unexplored facet of the relationship.
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