How To Have Good Love, Sex And Marriage

You may be wondering how to have good love, sex and marriage with your spouse because a committed relationship often requires effort. Here is a guide on maintaining good love, sex and marriage after the honeymoon. 

  1. Communication Good communication between you and your spouse is vital towards good love, sex and marriage because couples cant enjoy each other's company if they do not understand each other's needs. As such, effective communication is the foundation of a successful relationship. You and your spouse should try to listen to each other instead of trying to talk past each other. This is particularly important when you two are having a disagreement.
  2. Openness In a lot of cases, couples cannot maintain good love, sex and marriage because they refuse to open up to each other. For example, the wife does not like certain sexual positions, but because she never voices her discomfort, her husband keeps repeating them. Ultimately, neither of them can enjoy making love. When one party is concerned with certain issues in the marriage, he/she should tell his/her partner in a polite way instead of accusing him/her. Being open and honest to your spouse is essential for good love, sex and marriage.
  3. Freshness Couples who are in a committed long-term relationship often think they no longer need to impress their partners. As a result, the relationship or marriage may begin to turn stale because no one is working hard to have good love anymore. It is extremely important for you and your spouse to refresh the marriage by going on dates or engaging in activities that will stimulate you both. Research has shown that new experiences will help two people bond. Thus, it is crucial for good love, sex and marriage.
  4. Responsibility In many cases, couples fail to have good love, sex and marriage because neither of them want to share any household and financial responsibility. Bear in mind, marriage is a partnership that requires concerted effort from both parties. 
  5. Understanding After a few years in the relationship, it is easy for couples to take each other for granted. Gradually, their bonding will deteriorate because neither of them understands his/her partner. If you want to have good love, sex and marriage, spare some time every day to ask your spouse about his/her day and talk to him/her about how you are feeling. 


  • You and your spouse may have a bad day once in a while. Remember, it is totally normal; do not be too upset about the setback.
  • Good love, sex and marriage requires constant work. Do not think you can maintain a healthy marriage by avoiding problems. Honesty is extremely important, so do not hesitate to tell your spouse about what is on your mind.
  • Follow the tips above and you will have good love, sex and marriage.
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