How To Have Good Morning After Sex

Getting laid is tough enough, but learning how to have good morning after sex may be even tougher if you're not prepared for it, for a number of different reasons. Sure, you made all the right moves the night before, the stars aligned and you closed the deal, notching another mark in your belt of sexual experience and possibly beginning something that could last the rest of your life. And then you awake beside her, in the late morning light and the reality of the situation sinks in like the light hangover you may have. What does this mean? Anything? Everything? Nothing at all? The awful truth is that what happens the morning after that first tryst will determine whether you ever sleep together again or can even move on to the next level. 

  1. First, decide how you feel about the woman laying beside you. If you wake up and gaze lovingly over at her and are ashamed or disgusted by what you see, then the next hour will be entirely different from seeing a someone gives you butterflies in your stomach. This decision will determine how the rest of your morning plays out.
  2. If you're turned off: This is because you're no longer six drinks deep and can see her in something brighter then dim bar lights. A kind but swift exit will have to be performed, which will plumb the same suave skills you used to go home with her in the first place. Simply say you have somewhere to be that morning. A Mensa meeting, church, a dental appointment, a trip overseas. Considering you're sure you will never see her again, it doesn't really matter what you say. The only sticking point is if you know the woman personally or have mutual friends and will probably be spending time with her again in a social setting. This is directly proportional to how kindly and believably you make your exit the following morning.
  3. If you're turned on: Talk about what transpired the previous night to see if she feels good about it. Do this by asking a few questions, making a few casual jokes about the time you spent together and letting her know how much you enjoyed yourself. If the feeling is mutual, another go of morning sex will possibly ensue, or at least some heavy petting. If she's not interested, she'll have her own way of quickly exiting your apartment or ushering you out of hers.
  4. Take a shower together. Having trouble suggesting sex the following morning, since you've sobered up and don't have booze to help lubricate your fearlessness? Tell her you want to clean up before you take her out to breakfast. Does she mind if you take a shower? Would she like to join you? Always fun if she says yes. If she says no, then you know this was probably a one-time rendezvous.
  5. Take her out to breakfast if you're really interested in her. People bond over meals in general and sharing a good breakfast together before you end your date turned adult-rated slumber party is the best way to show her that you enjoy spending time with her, both in and out of the bedroom. This is also a good way for you to determine if you really do like her or if, perhaps, it may just be about the sex.
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