How To Have A Good Relationship With Your Girlfriend

Knowing how to have a good relationship with your girlfriend may sound like a no-brainer, but you should never under-estimate the effort it requires to maintain the quality of a relationship if you truly care about your girlfriend.

  1. Respect. The key to have a good relationship with your girlfriend is to show her respect.  Let her know that you cherish what she thinks and how she feels.  Do not treat her as merely a time sink or a piece of meat. 
  2. Trust. If you want to have a good relationship with your girlfriend, you should build trust between the two of you.  No relationship is viable without mutual trust and honesty between the partners.  Give your girlfriend personal space without constantly checking on her.
  3. Communication. Good communication is the key to a good relationship with your girlfriend, as this will ensure that you two are on the same page with most issues.  Do not try to avoid a confrontation by not voicing out what you think or how your girlfriend makes you feel.  It is normal for two people to have disagreements from time to time.  As long as you two try your best to understand each other and articulate your thoughts politely, you will manage to have a good relationship with your girlfriend.
  4. Consideration. Remember that even though you may be tempted to put your self-interest at the first priority, you also have to be considerate to your girlfriend.  To have a good relationship with your girlfriend, you will need to at least try understanding where she is coming from.  In other words, imagine yourself in her situation. Do not be harsh to her if she fails to meet your expectations or if she seems unenthusiastic about certain things you suggest.
  5. Fulfillment. A good relationship with your girlfriend will leave both of you feeling fulfilled. If you feel like the relationship is not having any progress, and you are keeping it simply because you are afraid of changes, you may need to discuss this with your girlfriend to identify the problems. 

Have a good relationship with your girlfriend requires patience.  Sometimes it may seem that you two are going through a rough patch; however, do not feel frustrated so easily if you think that the relationship is meaningful and valuable.



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