How To Have Great Sex With My Girlfriend

If you ever wonder how to have great sex with my girlfriend, there are a few simple steps that can help you achieve this goal. As a lover, you must be generous and creative, open to her needs. The more you work at having a great love life with your partner, the more satisfied and fulfilled you’ll both be and the better your relationship will be.

  1. Don’t rush through the foreplay. Foreplay is an important part of lovemaking and if you want to have great sex with your girlfriend, you’ll make sure to spend a lot of time warming her up. Foreplay can consist of a lot of kissing, petting and dry humping, in addition to massages, body kisses, and of course, oral sex. If you rush through everything and just start pounding away, she’s going to wonder why you’re being so selfish and certainly not as into the sex.
  2. Treat her well. Sex is a very intimate act and most women feel sex is best when they’re doing it with someone they feel close to. If you are, in general, dismissive of your girlfriend and act condescending toward her, your relationship is not good. But to have great sex with your girlfriend, be a nice guy and a good partner, supporting her, telling her you love her and making her feel like the most important woman in the world.
  3. Stay in shape. To have great sex with your girlfriend you must be fit. Staying fit will help you with your stamina, allowing you to go longer and harder and faster. In addition, being in good shape will make you look good physically, helping you feel better about yourself and being more attractive to her. If you let yourself go, you might lose interest in sex…and she might lose interest in you.
  4. Be creative. To have great sex with your girlfriend, use some creativity to mix it up. If your sex consists of you riding away in the missionary position night after night, things are going to get dull fast. So try out a variety of positions, vary the way you do things, try some role playing, and even introduce some light bondage and spanking, if she’s into it.
  5. Be generous. No one likes a selfish lover, and if you’re not generous in bed you’re not going to be with your girlfriend long. Be sensitive to what she likes and what satisfies her, and focus on those things. Make sure that she has orgasms before you focus on yours. And if there are things you like that she doesn’t, don’t force them on her. To have great sex with your girlfriend, make sure you make it all about her. You will be repaid several times over.
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