How To Have Mature Foreplay

If you want to have mature foreplay, it will take some dedicated effort from both parties. One of the biggest steps to overcome will be learning how to effectively communicate with one another during play time. If you already communicate your needs well outside of the bedroom, you’re already on your way to have mature foreplay with each other. Here a few simple suggestions you can try out next time you get a chance to be alone.

  1. Practice communication with each other. While communicating well outside of the bedroom is a big help, it will still take some practice to learn how to have mature foreplay successfully. Make a concentrated effort not to order your partner around. Instead, ask or suggest different ideas. If you don’t like what they are doing, move their hand or mouth to a different area that you would like them to explore. Place yourself in their shoes and test out how your request will come across hearing from their perspective. Would you want to be talked to in that way?
  2. Take the time to explore each other. Don’t aim to become an expert in a single session if you want to have mature foreplay. Regardless of your prior experience, each partner is different. Everyone has individual tastes when it comes to sex. Make sure each of you take the time to learn what the other person’s body has to offer. Take a few sessions and focus them solely on foreplay and take the actual intercourse out of the equation. This will give you more time to explore every detail and learn what makes each other tick without the added pressure of penetration.
  3. Never ridicule your partner. In the process of learning how to communicate while you have mature foreplay, make sure that you never make fun of what your partner has to say. Part of having sex is being comfortable enough to express your fantasies freely without worry of what the other will say. If you truly aren’t comfortable with something, just say so. But don’t laugh and make the other person feel bad for their fantasy.
  4. Remember that you can always learn. Once you think that you have mastered how to have mature foreplay, take it back to the drawing board! No matter how well you think you can communicate or how many inches you have already explored. There is always room to expand when it comes to learning a new sensual massage or perfecting an existing technique.

Just remember to look at ways to have mature foreplay as a learning experience. There is no correct way, just as there is no wrong way to proceed. Everyone is unique in how they want touch and be touched. However, always keep in mind that a mature sex partner knows that every sex session should be just as much giving as it is taking.

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