How To Have Missionary Sex Fast

Learning how to have missionary sex fast may seem like a waste of time because this particular sexual position has been labeled dull and boring. However, the missionary position may be just the thing you need to give your female partner an orgasm fast. With the right foreplay and sexual techniques, the missionary position can be used to blow her away.

  1. Stimulate the clitoris. Before you even start having sex in the missionary position, be sure to engage in plenty of foreplay that involves slow, teasing stimulation of her clitoris and other erogenous zones. If she’s well lubricated and very aroused, the sex is likely to be faster and better.
  2. Throw her legs up. A twist on the classic missionary position that can help further arouse both partners is to raise your partners legs up slightly or enough to place them on your shoulders. You’ll still be on top, but this position allows for instant access to the G-spot and a narrower vagina for your pleasure, both of which can lead to faster sex.
  3. Thrust your penis upward. This will cause your body to shift upward, as well. Instead of your chest being on your partners, your chest should be more near her shoulders. This allows for deeper penetration and clitoral stimulation during sex. These little extras are likely to help you both climax faster.
  4. Mix it up. The traditional view of the missionary position is the man on top. However, the women can be on top, as well. Have your partner lie on top of you just as a man would in missionary position. This gives her greater control of thrusting and stimulates her clitoris.
  5. Move faster. The easiest way to have faster missionary sex no matter which position you’re in is to simply thrust faster. If your partner is thoroughly stimulated and aroused before penetration, the fast, sudden movement might actually push her straight into orgasm.

Now that you know how amazing the missionary position can be, try it out with your partner. You may be surprised by just how fast she climaxes.

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