How To Have More Hot Sex With Your Girlfriend

Knowing how to have more hot sex with your girlfriend will take time and practice. All women are different and have different triggers that will arouse them and get them in the mood for sex. Once you learn your girlfriend’s sexual trigger, you can have more hot sex with her any time of the day or night.

  1. Start outside the bedroom. To get your girlfriend in the mood for hot sex, compliment her throughout the day. Tell her how amazing her body looks and how you can’t wait to get her into bed tonight. If you have the opportunity, send her dirty emails and text messages to help arouse her more.
  2. Pay attention to what your girlfriend likes. This will vary from woman to woman. The more you give her of what she likes, the more likely she will be to have  more hot sex with you. For example, she might like kinky sexual activities, like dirty talk and role playing, or she might prefer more romantic, loving sex. Either way, if she’s into it, the sex will be hot.
  3. Focus on her needs when you have sex. Perform oral sex before intercourse. Stimulate her clitoris, which is the most sensitive area of the female body. When she’s on the brink of climax, begin intercourse. She should have an almost immediate, very intense orgasm. The hotter the current sex, the more likely it is that your girlfriend will want to have more hot sex in the future.
  4. Suggest naughty positions. This can help arouse your girlfriend and show her that you’re opening up, which makes her more likely to have the hot sex you’re suggesting. Some positions include facing each other, from behind and standing.



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