How To Have More Sex

If you feel that you've been missing out on your sex life lately, you may want to learn about how to have more sex. Wanting more sex is an extremely common desire and what you may not know is that there are ways to have more sex, you just have to know where to look and what to do. Here are a few tips to help you learn about how to have more sex.

  1. Approach things candidly. Be honest. If you want to have more sex let your significant other know how you are feeling. There's nothing like honesty to help things move along and if there is a reason why you're not getting it from her then perhaps by being honest you may learn the reason why.
  2. Schedule sex. If you're married or in a family dynamic it may be hard to have more sex simply because of scheduling issues. Work, kids and every day life can put a damper on anyone's sex life so take time out to make it a priority.
  3. Treat her right. Women like to feel important and wanted so instead of just assuming that sex is a given, take a minute to think of what may make her happy or in the mood. You'd be surprised at how she may respond.
  4. Be seductive. Don't treat sex like it's all about you. Seduce your partner by showing her how good you can make her feel. Being gentle and loving can really go far and especially if you've been in a sexual slump.
  5. Start with the basics. Don't just jump into wanting to do the deed. Take the time to use your imagination and lead up to the main event. A sexy massage or even a foot rub can really help in getting her into the mood. Do something that doesn't seem like a prelude to sex. Instead, lead up to it and get her turned on.

There are no rules about how to have more sex that are set in stone or work for every single person. You have to figure out which ones work best for you but at the very least, these tips to learn about how to have more sex may help you out in having a more active sex life.

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