How To Have A One Night Stand

Need to know how to have a one night stand? There are always women that are willing to have a one night stand, but the trick is pulling it off smoothly. Your main goal, apart from the obvious, is to end the night in a way that leaves both parties satisfied.

  1. One night stands are usually initiated in certain places. Regardless of blatant stereotypes, we can be honest in saying that women who are willing to have one night stands can be found in particular places. You would be more successful searching clubs and bars than grocery stores and libraries. Obviously, not every woman who frequents these places is looking for a one night stand, so proceed in your efforts with caution. Remember, obnoxious behavior can lead to a drink thrown in your face, so always be respectful.
  2. Take some time to get to know her. Even if a woman is not looking for a serious relationship, you still need to show her that she is important and you are worthy enough to be with her. Buy her a drink and get to know her. If she is with her friends, talk to them as well. Her friends can help or hinder your plan; show yourself to be a jerk, and her friends won't let you leave with her. In general, treat her like any other woman you are interested in.
  3. Let her take the lead. Once she shows herself to be interested in you, follow her lead. Take it slow if she needs a little more time to be sure about you. Let her offer to take you back to her place; she will feel safer in her own home, which increases the possibility of sleeping together. Don't expect her to rip off your clothes when you walk in the door; you still have to prove yourself to her. If she doesn't find a reason to rush you out, you can think about settling in for the night.
  4. Don't neglect her the morning after. Skipping out on a woman in the middle of the night is the wrong way to make an exit. Imagine bumping into her somewhere after your disappearing act; that can make for an awkward situation. She isn't a hooker either, so leaving money on her bed stand would only embarrass her. In the morning, have breakfast together. You can eat at her place or go to nice cafe. The point here is to end the encounter amicably and maturely.
  5. She already knows it won't last. Women are aware that one night stands don't lead to long-term relationships. Don't pretend that you want to continue seeing her unless you are genuine. If you don't plan on calling her, don't ask for her phone number. Tell her you had a great time, give her a hug, and walk away. It doesn't need to be difficult and weird. If you keep the lines of communication open by exchanging numbers or email addresses, she may take you up on your offer. To avoid an unwanted relationship, don't encourage her and she will take the hint.
  6. Happy hunting. Remember to be cautious, respectful and safe.
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