How To Have Oral Sex In Public

Knowing how to have oral sex in public requires careful planning and choosing your spots carefully. Public sexual contact can be fun, with the added risk factor of getting caught adding to the excitement. While the consequences can be severe—including getting arrested—pulling it off properly is exhilarating.

  1. Keep it adults only. To have oral sex in public you do not want to in any way, shape, or form run the risk of exposing yourself to minors. Not only is this morally reprehensible, you can potentially run the risk of getting in severe legal trouble. When you pick the place where you’d like to try to have oral sex in public, make sure it’s someplace where only adults would potentially stumble upon you.
  2. Dress appropriately. To have oral sex in public you will be benefited by wearing the proper clothes. If you are going down on a female partner, it is best for her to wear a loose-fitting skirt and no panties. This way you can easily access her goodies and if you need to straighten up quickly, it can be done with little hassle. You should also avoid underwear, and wear loose-fitting pants, that will allow your junk to be taken out and put away quickly and discreetly.
  3. Maintain control. If you’re going to have oral sex in public, you can’t actually look like you’re getting a blow job. All the faces you would normally make, with the accompanying moans, groans and screams have to be stifled and kept in check. If you make obvious noises of pleasure or put on a not-so-discreet cum-face, people are going to be on to your game. If you don’t think you can keep yourself tame, think again about having oral sex in public.
  4. Let darkness work in your favor. If you want to have oral sex in public, pick a place that’s going to naturally be dark. Choose to do it at a club, an outdoor film festival, a fireworks display, or a park after dusk. Having an oral experience when it’s dark will help you pull it off without getting caught, as people will obviously be less likely to catch on to you.
  5. Find an adventurous partner. It’s not just any girl who will be willing to spread her legs for your mouth with the chance of getting caught. Nor will most girls go down on you knowing that someone may catch her in the dirty act. To have oral sex in public, find a girl who is a little kinky, a little freaky, and who has a wild side.
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