How To Have Oral Sex With A Real Doll

Because they're so lifelike, learning how to have oral sex with a real doll is just like having oral sex with a real woman. Except, of course, you won't have to talk the doll into giving you oral sex. For those of you that haven't seen one of these real dolls before, they're pretty amazing. They cost anywhere between six to seven grand. These real dolls are the closest thing you can get to a real girl without all the attitude, feelings and emotions. If you'd rather have oral sex with a real doll, just follow these simple guidelines.

What you need:

  • Water based lubricant
  1. Get your money up. If you want to have oral sex with a real doll, you have to pay to play. They cost almost seven thousand dollars. That's not even including shipping fees. Yeah the companies that construct these real dolls aren't going to send you the dolls for free. So, first things first. Save up about $8000 just to be safe.
  2. As soon as she gets home. Once your real doll gets there, plan on being busy for a while. Turn off your phone and shut the blinds. Dim the lights and put on some mood music. Seriously, the doll looks so damn real, you may feel the need to get it in the mood. Hell, you may even want to engage in some foreplay with it.
  3. Test it out. The real doll boasts some the best sex organ simulation on the market. Basically, the holes feel a lot like the real thing. You should be able to open the real doll's mouth and have oral sex with it. Try the mouth out without the lubrication first. If you feel the need for more stimulation, apply a liberal amount of sex lubricant on your penis. Slide it back in the real doll's mouth. You may even want to heat the lubricant up a little by rubbing it in your hands. Whatever you choose is up to you. Have at it. After a little practice having oral sex with your real doll, maybe you'll try to go and get a real girl.
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