How To Have Romantic Foreplay

Learning how to have romantic foreplay is a test in patience and attentiveness. Romantic foreplay should be reserved for the serious lover. This form of foreplay is serious and sensual. Learning to master romantic foreplay is not all that difficulty. If you know your mate than romantic foreplay will be a breeze. If you do not know her that well, then get to know her better and employ these romantic foreplay tips. This article will walk you through some very basic but romantic foreplay options. Remember, romantic foreplay takes time and you need to provide the proper attention to detail to make it work.

Things you will need:

  • Romance
  • Patience
  • Tender hands
  • Oils and gels
  • Candles
  • Flowers or other things she likes
  • Mood music
  • Fruits
  • Chocolates
  • Wine

Note: you don’t need all these things, of course. Find what works best with your partner and utilize it. In the meantime, experiment until you find the right mixture.

  1. Set the scene. This is the key to kicking off romance. Take the time to set the scene. Candle light, mood music and even flower petals around the room are exceptional ideas. This is where the romance starts flowing.
  2. Once the scene is set, you will want to work your woman. Offer her a sensual massage. Use warming oils on her back and shoulders and then move to her stomach. If she is so inclined, use soothing lotions on her feet and work up her legs. The attention is about her and what makes her feel relaxed and appreciated.
  3. Tantalize and tease her with fruit, or chocolates and wine. Feed her slowly and sensually. Tease her by gently feeding her from your mouth. Take your time and be smooth. No need to rush, the ultimate goal is in reach.
  4. Keep it up and be sure to tell her how lovely she is. Keep the complements nonsexual, but make her know you appreciate her. Remember, romantic foreplay is a means to romance and show your love to your mate. Make it count.

There is no handbook for this. Romantic foreplay is a personal thing. It is based on your relationship, likes, and dislikes as a couple. Take this as a guide and blend in your own magic.

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