How To Have Sensual Foreplay

Learn how to have sensual foreplay when you want to be intimate. Foreplay is very important–it’s the foundation of really good and explosive sex. Even when sex is spontaneous, add some kissing, fondling and sensual stimulation and you will encounter an intense love making session. Men can really get into foreplay, but it wouldn’t take much for a man to get excited; he will already be hot and bothered and ready for action. Foreplay is more for the woman, to increase her desire to become a sexual goddess. So the more foreplay she receives from you, the perkier she will become.

  1. Unleash her wild side. Her full sexual capability and desires maybe dormant–sensual foreplay will awaken those sensations. Be creative. You have to find out what she craves and what she doesn't. What’s her sexual fantasy? There is a way she wants to be touched, but has never experienced it. Kiss her lower back or the back of her knee. Suck her toes (after she has washed her feet). Fulfilling her with all the sensual foreplay she can stand will bring out her wild side, giving you all the sexual gratification you crave.

  2. Sensually entwine your body with hers. Sensual body massage will surely arouse her, but take it even farther. Slide one of your legs between hers as you stroke her inner thigh, caressing her back, gripping her butt. Stimulate her body with yours; this is the type of friction and foreplay you will enjoy.

  3. Use other tools of enticement. When you are having sensual foreplay, you need to use sensual tools. For example, ice, feathers, a blindfold and other things to heighten her sensuality. Blindfold her and just let her anticipate how you are about to pleasure her; that will drive her bonkers with excitement.

  4. Tease her most sensitive areas. She will definitely have at least one spot that if caressed the right way with your hands, fingers and tongue, will put her at your mercy. Sensual foreplay will find that hidden treasure.

  5. Kiss her all over. Intimately kissing her will be very alluring. Wrap your arms around her as you start to explore her body while giving gentle little kisses along the way. Kiss her neck, shoulder, arm, leg, inner thigh and any sensitive, erotic spot on her body that has never been discovered.

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