How To Have A Sensual Romance

Relationships can be hard but if you learn how to have a sensual romance, your relationship through the good and bad will always be exciting. Having a sensual relationship is a great way to keep the spark alive between you and your partner. It can also bring make you and your lover more comfortable being yourselves around each other and thus making the relationship stronger overall.

  1. Be comfortable with yourself and your body. First and foremost you can't have a sensual relationship with someone if your not comfortable with yourself and your body. For most people this will probably be the hardest part of the process. Everyone has insecurities but it's getting past those that will allow you to fully open up your mind and body to your partner in order to have a sensual romance. 
  2. Trust your partner.  In order to open up to your partner physically you must first trust them emotionally. While thinking the physical comes first and is most important, most people don't experience the fully sensuality of their romance. Having a open and honest relationship with your partner will bring the    more natural and make it more intense for both people. 
  3. Indulge your senses. Having a sensual relationship is surprise, all about the senses. The best sensual romances will indulge each persons physical appetites and mingle them into a arousing experience for both. Being true to what excited you and your partners senses will allow you to fully experience this type of romance. 
  4. Experiment with new things. No matter what you do in life, usually doing the same thing over and over gets really boring. In order to keep your sensual relationship fresh and exciting you will have to experiment with new things. Try indulging you and your partners senses with new tastes, scents, touch and more. Be open to seeing what works and what doesn't in your relationship.
  5. Have fun. Perhaps one of the most important elements of having a sensual romance is to simply have fun. Having fun with your senses, desires and your partner is vital to keeping your romance alive and your self happy. While what is fun is different for each couple, being able to laugh, enjoy and love within your sensual romance is universal. 
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