How To Have Sex After Circumcision

As an adult man considering circumcision, you may be wondering how to have sex after circumcision. Circumcision is a surgical procedure used to remove foreskin, which is the extra skin that covers the head of the penis. It is a controversial and important decision: Are you doing so for medical, cultural or religious reasons, or simply as a matter of personal preference?

Any man considering the procedure is bound to be concerned with how it will affect his sexual performance and how long it will take him to recover. It is important to be aware that men who have an adult circumcision do not experience any loss of fertility. Here is what you should know when considering adult circumcision and how to have sex after circumcision:

  1. The penis will heal within seven to ten days following an adult circumcision. There may be some soreness and bleeding, accompanied scabbing, as the cut heals. The penis should be kept clean and free of pressure. An anti-inflammatory painkiller may be taken. You should be concerned if you're unable to urinate normally after twelve hours or if bleeding and redness persists. Foul-smelling emissions or crusty sores oozing fluid are also cause for concern. If you experience any of these symptoms, consult your doctor.
  2. Do not have sex if you are experiencing any residual pain or discomfort. Swelling may last for several weeks following the procedure and you risk damaging your penis if you have intercourse before you are fully healed. If you are concerned that your penis did not heal properly, see a physician prior to resuming sex. Once you have received the green light, it is okay to proceed with your plans to have sex.
  3. Take it nice and easy the first time back in the saddle. Until you are confident that the circumcision cut has healed properly, refrain from overly strenuous or vigorous sex. Be sure that your lover is aware she needs to be gentle.
  4. Intercourse may feel different following an adult circumcision. Based upon colloquial evidence, men who have had an adult circumcision do not experience any loss of functionality or pleasure. This tends to be an extremely subjective experience that varies widely from man to man. Some men prefer sex before their adult circumcision, while some prefer sex afterward and many feel that it makes no difference to their sexual gratification.
  5. Do not use a water-insoluble lubricant following your adult circumcision. Water-insoluble lubricants are petrol-based and their use means a higher risk of infection. Instead, use a water-soluble lubricant that is easy to wash off.
  6. Use a condom in order to reduce friction upon the healing incision. It may take a full two or three months for the scar to recede. Until then, it is advisable to use a condom for all penetrative intercourse.
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