How To Have Sex After Divorce

Do you need to know how to have sex after divorce? Going through a divorce can be difficult and painful, leaving you feeling cut-off from what you know. It can be intimidating getting back into the dating pool and thinking about having sex again, especially if you were married for a long time. The trick to getting back on the horse and having sex after a divorce is to be open and outgoing.

  1. Be Prepared. Now that you are single again, the opportunity for sex may come at any moment, and you should prepare accordingly. You should be showered, manicured and dressed to impress everyday as if you have a date that evening. Being fully done from head-to-toe will give you an extra confidence boost and attract the opposite sex, even if you don’t plan on getting any. Even more so, if the opportunity presents itself, you won’t have to say “no” because you’ve been wearing the same boxers for three days.
  2. Be Open and Outgoing. You were married to someone and that didn’t work out, so don’t tell yourself that you have a particular “type.” This is limiting and won’t accomplish much besides keeping you at a safe distance from the fun and possibilities of sex with new people. Venture outside of your comfort zone and try talking to new people in new situations. Be outgoing and confident because the worst case scenario is that you get a “no.”
  3. Carry Protection. If you are recently divorced, you probably don’t have the automatic habit of keeping condoms on you, but the reality of sex today is that you should. First, you have to protect yourself because you’re not married anymore and single people have sex with multiple partners, which puts you at a risk for STDs. More importantly, many women will expect you to have protection if the situation presents itself.
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