How To Have Sex After Infidelity

If your partner has cheated on you and you decide to continue the relationship, you'll need to learn how to have sex after infidelity. Dealing with a cheating partner is hard, but deciding to continue the relationship is often even harder. You'll need to make some drastic changes to recover from infidelity. The cheating partner should follow these tips and tricks to help get the relationship back on track.

  1. Take a break before you start having sex. After infidelity, the partner who was cheated on will feel angry and vulnerable. If you have sex at this point, she will only feel used. Take at least a month before you begin to think about being intimate again. Let your partner decide when she's ready. Some time apart to be with friends and have some alone time may also be best before trying to start up the relationship again.
  2. Make love to your partner when you have sex after infidelity. You both need to reconnect again and she needs to feel that you truly love her and aren't in the relationship only for the sex. Create a romantic atmosphere with plenty of foreplay. Start with a nice dinner or movie date and then set up candles and music in the bedroom.
  3. Take things slow and stop if your partner feels uncomfortable. The first few times you try to have sex after infidelity, your partner may become uncomfortable halfway through and want to stop. She may also want to talk about what happened between you and the other woman. This is natural and you should respect her feelings.
  4. Explain what happened in your other relationship. If your partner asks for details, answer as best you can about your infidelity. If she starts to obsessively ask about how you feel about her and doesn’t believe you when you say you still love her and want to work things out, try seeking couple’s counseling. If the issue only arises while you’re trying to have sex after your infidelity, try seeking couple’s counseling specifically for dealing with sexual issues.
  5. Surprise your partner with romantic gestures. On nights when you’re not planning to have sex, surprise your partner with a gift or by cooking dinner or cleaning the house while she’s at work. It may or may not lead to sex, but she will begin to trust you again after your infidelity and you can pick up the pieces and put your relationship back together.  
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