How To Have Sex After Prostate Surgery

Understanding how to have sex after prostate surgery is very important for the thousands of men who undergo this procedure each year. Many men fear that they will not be able to enjoy sex after prostate surgery, and while this is occasionally true, it is far from the rule. Doctors report that ninety seven percent of men regain sexual function after prostate surgery. This is good news for men that want to have sex after prostate surgery, but the statistic is misleading. The following checklist will help clear up your chances:

  1. Age: The old you are, the harder it will be to have sex after prostate surgery. Sorry gramps.
  2. Fitness: Being in shape helps in all areas of sexuality. This is true for sex post-surgery sex as well. If you were in-shape before the surgery, and remain  in shape after the surgery, then you should be able to have se after prostate surgery.
  3. Pre-op sexual function: Did you need the little blue pill before having surgery? If so, it may be very difficult to have sex after prostate surgery.
  4. Supportive partner: Are you in a loving and committed relationship? Men with a supportive partner are much more likely to resume a happy sex life after prostate surgery then are men still cruising for strange.
  5. Drinking: Forget drunk sex, that is absolutely not going to happen.
  6. Drugs: Boner pills are a fact of life if you want to have sex after prostate surgery. Get used to it.
  7. Good Surgeon: This should be obvious, but enlisting the trusty hands of a top surgeon will increase you chances of being able to have sex after prostate surgery.
  8. Attitude: Do you have a positive life outlook? Staying positive will help you through a long flaccid winter.     



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