How To Have Sex With A Beautiful Asian Woman

When you get in the sack with a lovely Asian woman, you have to know how to have sex with a beautiful Asian woman. Asian women can be very different in mannerisms than the typical party girl you pick up, although the differences can be minimized if you end up with an Asian-American woman. You probably won't get a chance to ask about her specific nationality when you have your head between her breasts, but it can be useful information if you can remember to ask.

  1. Accommodate her submissive mannerisms. Many Asian cultures produce women who are more submissive in nature, and if you aren't expecting it you might think that she's not that into you or she doesn't want to have sex at all. Of course the opposite can be true, with very demure Asian women taking control in the bedroom.
  2. Consider your penis size. Asian women have smaller, tighter vaginas than many other types of women, and if you're of above average endowment you need to take steps to ensure that you aren't ripping and tearing during a time that you need to be stretching. Lube can be very helpful here, water-based if you can get it. If you need to use silicone based lubrication make sure you aren't combining these with silicone toys.
  3. Prepare for the loud vocals. Asian women are very loud in showing their appreciation for good sexual performance. Screaming, moaning, groaning, the entire gamut of noises will come out of these excited Asian women.



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