How To Have Sex With Blow Up Doll

Knowing how to have sex with blow up doll can turn a boring night into a sexual experience. The inflatable friends are made not only for the lonely guy who can't get a date, but also for the guy who just wants a little variety in his solo sex life. Once a man gets past the initial oddity factor, the enjoyment can turn intense as he has finally found a sex partner who has no hang-ups and never says no.

  1. Blow her up. The first step in having sex with a blow up doll is the simple process of blowing her up. She will come in a rather small box and be a little wrinkled when you first pull her out. The wrinkles will go away as she inflates. Check the instructions for the proper or preferred method. Decide if you would like to leave her soft, or blow her up until she is stiff. Remember that over inflation could cause damage.
  2. Decide on foreplay. When having sex with a blow up doll, she requires no specific inflation. Her only need is to please you. Want to begin with oral? Add a bit of lube to her mouth and grab her head with both hands. Like breasts? Squeeze, rub and bite away.
  3. Pick your pleasure. Having sex with a blow up doll for some men means getting anal sex for the first time. Others enjoy a regular missionary position. It's up to you. The dolls are typically light and easily moved to new or different positions during sex.
  4. Clean the doll. After having sex with a blow up doll, it is important that you clean her carefully according to the package directions. Some lubes or body fluids left uncleaned can cause deterioration.
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