How To Have Sex In The Car

Learning how to have sex in a car are some good times. If you have never had sex in a car, then find you a woman and get busy. Having sex in a car is fun, exciting and a little on the voyeur side. Having sex in a car takes positioning and some skill. There are two ways to have sex in a car, oral and penetration. Each choice can bring you to an amazing orgasm. Check out this article for a great way to have sex in a car. Experiment on your own as well and discover that there are multiple ways to have sex in a car.

  1. Make the decision of this is going to be an oral or penetrating experience. On the penetration point, you will need to be stopped. You can have sex anywhere in the car you would like.
  2. If you like, try the front seat. You need to be in the passenger seat. There again are two choices. You can mount her by laying the seat back. Put the seat all the way back and prep her for penetration. You can do this with heavy petting or finger stimulation. Once she is ready, take her as you normally would. Penetration is the missionary position in this scenario.
  3. The other is to have her sit on you and ride you. In this position, you will make yourself comfortable. Consider leaning the chair back a little so you have room for breast play. Have her mount you and take you in deep and hard and you will notice the rhythm will be awesome by the rock of the car.
  4. An alternative is oral sex. Here you can be driving, be careful but this is the best. While you are driving, have her go down on you. The better she is the more exciting this becomes. If she is a swallower, then you will find heaven. Do be careful however, you are in motion after all.
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