How To Have Sex With Couples

Learning how to have sex with couples can be tricky. Whether you are single or half of a couple yourself, there are swingers out there who are always willing to share or switch partners to enhance their sex lives, and if you want to be part of that, there are options for you that can help you find other pairs for sex. Following is some advice on how to have sex with couples.

  1. First, you will need to find a willing couple. Swingers sometimes frequent certain spots, so see if you can find some swingers' bars. Ask at any sex shop where to go if you need direction, and start hitting up bars, with your own partner if you have one.
  2. You may have to actually find a swingers' club. There is an association called NASCA International which has clubs and groups for people that participate in the swinging lifestyle, and they are found worldwide.
  3. Eventually, you will have to approach a couple, or be a approached by one. See if you cannot bring up your interests by hinting at them in conversation if you find a promising couple. This can take some time, but you will need to eventually get to the point. If you are shy this will be very hard, but if you have to, bring up joining any couple (with your own partner, if you have one) for sex, and gauge the couple's response. You should be able to tell if they are into it, and if they are not, move on.
  4. Once you have found a willing couple, you simply need to set up the meeting. Learning how to have sex with other couples requires that you and they find somewhere that you, your own partner, if you have one, and both of the others can meet to have some fun.
  5. Set this up, and then get things going. It may be worthwhile to have a few drinks with the other couple before starting. This is usually easiest if you have a partner, which you can trade for one from the other couple. Try not to be too shy while you are actually participating in the swinging. Once everyone is in the mood, go for it with the couple, and schedule future meetings if all goes well.

Learning how to have sex with couples requires you to find willing couples. Search the right spots until you find a pair, and then bring up the subject, and set up a meeting. Have a few drinks, and then begin your new sexual experience.

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