How To Have Sex With A Doctor

Figuring out how to have sex with a doctor is similar to figuring out how to have sex with any other woman. Ask yourself really, what's the difference with having sex with a doctor or say a girl in customer service? OK, some people may define themselves based on their profession. But, there's one thing that no woman can escape. No matter what she does, she's still a human female which means she's susceptible to same things that all other human's are susceptible to. When trying to figure out how to have sex with a doctor, don't fixate so much on her profession. Think more of the person behind the uniform. Think about how you can have sex with the woman that happens to be a doctor. Though instructions can be left up to interpretation,here's a loose blueprint of how to have sex with a doctor.

  1. Finding your target. If you want to have sex with a doctor, you'll need to meet one. Rolling into the Emergency room on a gurney probably isn't the best way to get a doctor's attention. Interfering with someone at their work place can be difficult. This is because when someone's working they're in a different mind set. If you show up in the triage then you'll be treated like a patient. But, you devious little scoundrels, if you're escorting one of your buddies to the hospital the scenario is a little different. You can play the role of the concerned friend. In which case, it's just a matter of charming the doctor into seeing you some other day. Another place you could try meeting doctors are restaurants and bars near the hospital they work at. Doctors have funny schedules but they need to eat too. You're bound to find a few doctors in these places.
  2. Understanding your prey. You'll never have sex with a doctor, or anyone else for that matter if you don't understand that person. So, after you've met the doctor you want to sleep with, it's up to you to get into her head. This comes from normal conversation with them. Remember, women doctors are still women. So, she's got insecurities, passions, and things that drive her just like any other person. Find those things out. Anything you can use to get closer to her, to get her comfortable, is useful to you. Oh, and it's been said many times, don't become a plutonic friend or you'll definitely miss any chance to get her in bed. The way to keep yourself from being plutonic is simply to soothe her insecurities and promote her passions without being too accessible. You want her to miss you when you're not around, and to be happy when you're there. But, early on. if you're too accessible she'll begin to look at you like a friend and that's a No No. 
  3. Pushing her buttons. Now this isn't true for all doctors, but many do fall into this category. Many doctors have a "God Complex". In layman's terms it means they think they know everything. One of their greatest assets can be a great weakness. This weakness can be an express train straight to her brain. Challenge her intellect. She's surrounded by people that she bosses around all day long. If you can elevate yourself to appear to be at her intellectual level, you're in. When we say challenge, we mean challenge. If she ever tries to discuss anything intellectual, be ready with the "Devil's advocate" approach. This doesn't mean memorizing an Encyclopedia or anything. It just means that you should force her to take you seriously on a level that she may define herself on. As a matter of fact, appearing to be her equal on any number of things that directly effect her is an easy way in. Even better, is if you can surpass her in certain stuff. Just remember not to be a jerk about it and you'll be fine.
  4. Once your in. Don't mess it up. Focusing on trying to get her naked will disqualify you. You have to plant the seed in her mind. Have her wondering about sex with you. Then it's all childs play.
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