How To Have Sex With Double Jointed Women

Really, you want to know how to have sex with double jointed women? There's only one way to have some good sex with double jointed women. Creatively. Double jointed women are the greatest addition to the sexual world since, well, sex. Just imagine all of the positions you can get into with a double jointed woman that could wrap her legs around her own neck? Just think of all the variations of variations of sexual positions you could contort your two bodies into when you're having sex with a double jointed woman. She'd be the most exciting sexual roller coaster at the "Freaky Deaky" theme park. As stated earlier, it's all about your creativity and her willingness to be turned into a human pretzel. Well, here's how to properly get down with a double jointed woman.

  1. Finding the right one. Not all double jointed women are necessarily freaks. Yeah, it should be a crime, but it isn't. It's like having the worlds best cigar and not smoking it. Well, anyway, you need to make sure the girl you're dating is both a freak and double jointed. Use your expert conversational skills to find out. Someone that's double jointed will readily share that information with you through normal conversation. Finding out if she's a freak will be slightly different. You'll just have to wait to get her in the bedroom to see. Anyone can talk a good came, but walking the path is totally different.
  2. Know her limitations. Not all double jointed women are created equally. Some people can be double jointed in their thumbs only. It makes for a good parlor trick. But as far as some crazy sexual adventure, not so much. The women that are double jointed in the legs, hips, arms, and torso areas will make for the most unique sexual positions. Which, means a lot more fun for you.
  3. Now that you know. Once you know what you're working with, have at it. Just get out there and try new positions. Don't treat her like a rag doll though. Give her suggestions. If she's open to try it, then have a blast. Ask her what she likes to do. Chances are, she's already explored her flexibility long before you ran into her. So maybe she knows a thing or do. It's all about being explorative and creative. Be willing to push her as far as she's willing to do. And be willing to try stuff that she suggests as well. It'll make for a more fulfilling sexual experience for both of you if you both have equal input.
  4. She's no different than other women. She may have this outrageous ability to contort her body in all sorts of ways making her different from other girls. But, she's still a woman. She still has a heart and feelings and all of that stuff, so don't abuse them. Don't use her just for sex. A double jointed woman is like a cake with icing, that just has a little extra icing. She shouldn't be treated any differently just because she can do a reverse crab walk while you're inside her. Don't forget this. 
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