How To Have Sex During Her Period

If it's that time of month for your girlfriend, you may want to know how to have sex during her period. That messy time of the month is often times when you may avoid having sex.  However, there are ways to learn how to have sex during her period to make sure that you won't have to stop having sex just because she is bleeding.

  1. Timing is everything.  Try and pick out the days that are lightest if you want to learn how to have sex during her period.  Those days are a lot easier and a lot less messy for you and your partner.  Plus, it won't make you sick if you don't like looking at blood as much.
  2. Keep lights down or off.  Nothing is better for having sex during her period then making sure you can't see what is going on.  This will work great if you're not quite sure just how much blood may be down there.  Make sure you wash yourself off and don't look to see how much blood there was.
  3. Put a towel down.  You want to make sure that you keep a towel under the girl when you want to know how to have sex during her period.  Pick that towel up and throw it in the wash as quickly as possible so you don’t notice just how much blood there was.
  4. Take a shower first.  Though it won't stop the bleeding, it may clean her up enough to really know how to have sex during her period.  That bit of washing may be enough to hopefully make it easier to have sex.
  5. Douching.  It may be enough to slow down the bleeding just enough to have sex. 

These are all great ways to have sex during her period.  Why wait those three to seven days to have sex again?  Of course,. there is always her performing oral sex on you instead of intercourse!



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