How To Have Sex In The Elevator

To know how to have sex in the elevator you need only to follow a few simple tips and get your timing right. You are going to have to be bold and daring and have a partner willing to get a little crazy. If you play your cards right and are careful, you’ll be able to have some hot loving in an elevator without getting caught.

  1. Scout for cameras. In modern society it seems like we are under the watchful eye of a camera 24/7. This is likely true in any building with an elevator—be it an office building or an apartment structure—so to have sex in the elevator you should check to make sure you are not going be showing up on a security-footage YouTube video…or have the police waiting for you on one of the floors. Check to make sure there are no cameras peaking down from the ceiling before you decide to get it on. Unless, of course, the thought of that turns you on.
  2. Do it during the down time. To have sex in an elevator you need to do it during the right time of day. Every elevator has it’s busiest times—for offices this is during normal business hours of nine to five and for apartments it’s during morning and afternoon “rush hours.” The best bet, regardless of where you are, is doing this in the middle of the night. But the key to pulling it off is finding when no one is going to be disturbing you.
  3. Don’t press the buttons. If you want to have sex in the elevator is important that you keep your balance and avoid surprises. In light of this, you should get on and not press any buttons, assuming you’re in an elevator whose doors close without a button being pressed. This will keep the elevator stationary, making it easier for you to go about your business. In addition, when you do feel the elevator go into motion, you’ll know to disengage, since someone has just called it.
  4. Find the right girl. It’s not just any girl who will do something this freaky and dangerous. To have sex in the elevator you need to find a girl who is willing to perhaps get caught while having sex and is a bit of an exhibitionist. If you are in the beginning of a relationship and the sex is still ultra-hot, suggest this to your girlfriend if she seems inclined to be a little bit naughty.
  5. Wear the proper clothing. To have sex in the elevator you have to be able to get started and finished in a jiffy. Therefore you should come prepared with the proper attire. Ideally, your girl should have on a loose skirt with no panties and you should have on casual pants with no underwear. This will allow her to easily bend over and allow you go to town, or for either of you to get on your knees and, along with the elevator, go down.
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